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Handmade Tables For Sale

In between commissions, I’m also working on a couple of handmade tables which will be for sale once ready. The first handmade table has a pippy Oak top with a live/waney edge and a butterfly reclaimed Elm base. A very pretty table at 2.4m long and 900mm to 1m wide.

The second handmade table is a fantastic pippy Oak slab 3m long and 900mm wide – I’m not given to adjectives but this will be truly ‘stunning’.

This is going to be a one off piece. The Oak tree that this one piece top came from must have been at least 250 years old to get to this size. The top also incorporates ‘butterfly’ joints or ‘stitching’ in reclaimed mahogany. This is a nod to one of the woodworking greats, George Nakashima.

It’s going to have a contemporary metal base and will be a very handsome piece with big ‘wow’ factor.

Once both pieces are finished and I’ve taken some decent photos of them I shall post them on my ‘For Sale’ page.


Handmade Table


Handmade Table
P1020558 P1020564 P1020567

Butterfly Top1 P1020564 Butterfly Top3 Butterfly Top4 P1020532 P1020525 Butterfly Top6

Bespoke Handmade Table in Pippy Oak

In this recent blog, I’m going to take you through some of the processes required to create a beautiful bespoke handmade extending refectory style table in pippy Oak. Here at Quercus Furniture it is our aim to use only the finest materials. The chosen timbers are sourced and selected personally to ensure quality and that they match, as close as possible, the client requirements and vision.

The clients had fallen in love with some images of pippy Oak tables on my website and required the handmade table to be extending and in  a refectory table style. After a few phone calls to my local sawyers and saw mills and a couple of visits I was delighted to discover some beautiful pippy Oak boards that are going to be perfect for the commission.

After being in the kiln for a couple of weeks to bring the moisture content down to a workable 10 – 12 percent, the boards for the bespoke handmade table in pippy Oak commission were delivered to my workshop to begin the project.

First job is to size the boards using the good old chalk line and skill saw (Oh for a table saw).

Photo’s are coming but I’m having a glitch uploading them at the moment!!

Ok, so I’ve managed to post some photos of the pippy Oak boards in their raw state. (somehow they’ve ended up at the top of the blog!! I’ll take another lesson….).

At first glance they made not look like much, but I’ll stick my neck out and say they will turn in to thing of beauty. The bespoke handmade table in pippy Oak project begins.

Pippy Oak Boards1

Pippy Oaks Boards

Pippy Oak board

Chalking out pippy boards

Pippy Oak

Chalk line

The big board

Bespoke handmade table.

The big cut

The first cut is the

Oak Boards

Bespoke Handmade Table