About Quercus Furniture

Quercus Furniture was set up by James Fittall early in 2007, after spending many years training and working with some of the most respected furniture makers and restorers in Kent and Sussex. Quercus is the Latin name for Oak.

James specialises in producing stunning handmade tables using the finest of reclaimed and sustainable timbers and in the professional conservation and restoration of antique and contemporary furniture.

Click on image to view a table being made in the Quercus Workshop



The philosophy at Quercus furniture is to recognise the natural beauty of wood as a piece of design and to create from this a unique piece that is both ageless and may be considered a work of art in itself: craftsmanship is not compromised by time or materials.


Great importance is placed on the use of traditional hand tools that have been in use by artisans since medieval times including the adze, inshave and spokeshave. Some mechanical labour is used in the early stages of construction but only to cut the timber to size leaving more time to be spent on the craftsmanship, which is the ultimate objective.

In an age of mass production, these highly skilled techniques ensure that each piece of furniture has a lived-in quality that is both timeless and unique. These stunning handmade tables have become highly collectable. Each one comes stamped and registered with an individually numbered pewter disc and also contains the owner’s name.


When restoring a piece, whether antique or modern, to give the highest care and attention to detail whether that piece is valuable or purely sentimental. The customer is always provided with a comprehensive quality of service that is both highly sympathetic and professional.

On the furniture restoration side of the business, James trained with the world renowned antique restorer Bruce Luckhurst at his academy of excellence in Kent, where he was awarded a post-graduate diploma ‘Conservation and Restoration of Antique Furniture’. He also worked with the acclaimed cabinet makers and restorers John Lloyd and Peter Thorp in Sussex. This is where over the years, he has built up a vast knowledge and understanding covering all aspects of furniture conservation and restoration. Whether a valuable antique or a piece of purely sentimental value, all pieces are treated with the same high level of skill and attention to detail.


Quercus furniture has developed an environmental policy which uses only the highest quality reclaimed wood from respected salvage yards and is very careful in sourcing new timber from sustainably managed forests that are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) registered.

All wood finishes used are made from natural plant oils and waxes which provide a durable low maintenance finish. These finishes are microporous (allows the wood to breath). The oil/wax finishes do not contain biocides or preservatives and comply with EURO Norm EN 71 (suitable for food surfaces and children’s toys).

Customer Care

Above all Quercus furniture listens to its customers and aims to provide a caring and comprehensive service throughout the company.