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Bespoke Handmade Table in Pippy Oak

In this recent blog, I’m going to take you through some of the processes required to create a beautiful bespoke handmade extending refectory style table in pippy Oak. Here at Quercus Furniture it is our aim to use only the finest materials. The chosen timbers are sourced and selected personally to ensure quality and that they match, as close as possible, the client requirements and vision.

The clients had fallen in love with some images of pippy Oak tables on my website and required the handmade table to be extending and in  a refectory table style. After a few phone calls to my local sawyers and saw mills and a couple of visits I was delighted to discover some beautiful pippy Oak boards that are going to be perfect for the commission.

After being in the kiln for a couple of weeks to bring the moisture content down to a workable 10 – 12 percent, the boards for the bespoke handmade table in pippy Oak commission were delivered to my workshop to begin the project.

First job is to size the boards using the good old chalk line and skill saw (Oh for a table saw).

Photo’s are coming but I’m having a glitch uploading them at the moment!!

Ok, so I’ve managed to post some photos of the pippy Oak boards in their raw state. (somehow they’ve ended up at the top of the blog!! I’ll take another lesson….).

At first glance they made not look like much, but I’ll stick my neck out and say they will turn in to thing of beauty. The bespoke handmade table in pippy Oak project begins.

Pippy Oak Boards1

Pippy Oaks Boards

Pippy Oak board

Chalking out pippy boards

Pippy Oak

Chalk line

The big board

Bespoke handmade table.

The big cut

The first cut is the

Oak Boards

Bespoke Handmade Table

Bespoke Handmade Table in Solid Oak with Bulbous Legs

The bespoke handmade table in solid oak turned out to be a thing of beauty this handmade oak table. The clients were very happy with the colour/stain and the hand applied oil/wax finish. The hand crafted finish has been a process achieved and honed after many years of experimentation with different products, whether bought off the shelf or workshop made by age old tried and trusted recipes. The finishes that I have chosen from these experiments and research now form the two options that I now think my clients value. Both are environmentally and ethically sound. They are both natural mixes of plant oil and natural waxes that are micro-porous and highly resilient to every day living.

Bespoke dining table with bulbous leg base

Handmade table

Bespoke Dining Table in Oak

Handmade to order oak tables

Handmade Oak Table

made to order bespoke oak dining table

Bespoke Handmade Table in Solid Oak with Bulbous Legs

Apologies I’ve been away for a while what with the busy workload and other stuff that’s been really great. However to the update for my clients bespoke handmade table in solid oak with intricate bulbous legs. All has gone very well if a bit nervy with the leg shape cutting on the band-saw!! All leg ‘plant’ timber was planed and glued up straight away to avoid any movement which would have created weakness in the section. Once dry the leg was marked out to the desired shape on all 4 sides the the band-sawing began. As each side was sawn to shape the off cut was pinned back on so the leg could be rotated, the same for each side until all four sides were finished. Off cuts were then knocked off and the sanding process began. The bulbous legs were then mortise and tennoned into the top and bottom bearers which in turn were fixed to the centre stretcher and the top side rails to complete the oak. See photos.

Handmade table base

Bespoke Handmade Table in Solid Oak with Bulbous Leg

Bespoke handmade table with intricate bulbous legs is a request from a client that I have been working with for some time now. The original remit for a made to order table was to be in the traditional handmade refectory table style  i.e. four corner legs and a connecting centre stretcher in solid character oak.  However, after a shopping trip to find soft furnishings for their beautiful new home the clients spotted a table  with a base that they both really liked (see photo).  The problems were that it wasn’t handmade in oak and not to the desired size.  So they took a photo of the table, sent it to us at to see if it was possible to style a handmade table similar to the design but in-keeping  with their requirements of dimensions and in solid oak.

As a table maker this request is quite common and serves as a useful tool in understanding client design preferences.So the cutting list has been made and the timber sourced and ordered – so watch this space as the commission progresses.

Handmade Table with Bulbous Leg

Handmade table in pippy (cats paw) oak, reclaimed oak base update

Hi All, The handmade table commission with pippy oak top and reclaimed oak base is finished. The pippy oak top ended up being a great match for the reclaimed oak base colour wise ( see photos)

Handmade table in pippy oak, reclaimed oak base

The handmade table in pippy (cats paw) oak with  the trestle style  reclaimed oak base commission is finished and awaiting delivery. Thank you for reading my blog

Handmade table in pippy (cats paw) oak, reclaimed oak base.

Hi All, welcome to my handmade table with pippy oak top and reclaimed oak base here at blog. The trestle style dining table base took quite an effort for my humble bandsaw to slice through, but hey, we needed a new blade anyway. The dining table base slabs are 100mm thick and held together by 2 top rails and 1 centre stretcher with knock through wedges. I’ve attached some images of the dining table base, along with the rough pippy oak timber I’m going to use for the handmade table top. The handmade table top is going to be jointed using the ‘loose tongue’ technique described in my earlier blogs. The table top ends are going to be cleated or what is also known as ‘breadboard end’. This is basically a mortise and tenon joint. Usually only the central section is glued, with the whole piece being held together mechanically with the use of screws  in slotted holes to allow for seasonal movement. More discussion on this subject at a later date. I’m also very happy to receive comments on all kinds of jointing techniques from any one out there.  I’ll get some more pictures up once the bespoke table is together. Let me know what you think.

Handmade table commission in ‘pippy’ oak

Handmade table commission has just been started. This made to order table wil be of a trestle style and designed by the client with a little advice from yours truly. Managed to source some wonderfull ‘pippy’ oak (or what our friends across the pond call ‘cats paw’ oak) for the bespoke table top. Plus some full character oak for the handmade table base. I’ll get some photo’s out as soon as l can on the handmade dining table’s progress.

Handmade Square Dining Table Project – Part 2

Handmade Square Oak Table1.8 square handmade table has finally been completed and delivered!!! The base jointing was by ‘draw tenons’, beefed up with glue blocks and because of it’s unwieldy size, corner braces. Finished the piece with an ‘own recipe’ stain, hard wax/oil then beeswax. I think the client was quite pleased with their handmade table –  It’s arrived and it fits!!!! It looks superb. Thank you thank you thank you x.   Myf and Andy

Handmade Oak Dining Table