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Large Bespoke Oak Dining Table

Hi All,

I’ll let the client do the talking on this one.

The Client


Thank you, thank you, thank you! The oak table in the Arts and Crafts style you have created is absolutely STUNNING and even better than I had imagined. It really has the ‘WOW’ factor and fits perfectly into the new extension of our 1920s Arts and Crafts house. You have literally made my dream table a reality and I still smile every time I see it!

I literally scoured the internet for a table of the size and style we wanted but I could not find anything that compares to the quality of your incredible tables.

In addition, you have been so patient and thoughtful every step of the process; from discussing designs and sizes (numerous times) to creating and organising delivery. I particularly like the fact that you spent time considering all the various options and we have definitely ended up with the best possible outcome.

James, I am so glad you took on the project and I have always felt in safe hands; you don’t rush anything and you want to create the best for your customer. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants a unique, lovingly-crafted piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. We think you’ve done an amazing job and we will be admiring your craftsmanship with friends and family for many, many years to come…

Best wishes and 5 gold stars,

Arts & Crafts

Large Oak Dining Table With Cruciform Style Base



Oak Slab Dining Table

Waney Edge Dining Table

Live Edge In Situ

Waney Edge Table

Live Edge In Situ 1

Oak Slab

Live Edge Dining 2

Oak slab table

Live Edge Dining 3

Waney oak slab

With Metal Base

Single slab Oak table

Industrial X Base

Character Oak

Waney Edge Oak Slab

Single Waney Edge Oak Slab Dining Table

Just Sanded Look

Waney Edge Oak Slab

Natural Finish

Bespoke Furniture 1

X Frame Metal Base

Beautiful oak slab dining table

Beautiful Oak S

The Top

A live edge Oak slab dining table was the request.

The client was specific in that the table should retain the natural raw beauty of the species Quercus Robur. With lots of character, knots and splits.

The Base

A lot of discussions went into the final design, look and feel of the base. Originally a simple style four leg wooden base was preferred.

However, after a few mockups and trials, none of the timber base ideas really stood out enough to highlight the nature of the character top and make a solid statement.

I’m fortunate to have some engineers, steel fabricators on site. So we sat down and some ideas together which I could present to the client. These included – square frame metal base, ‘A’ frame style, ‘T’ frame style and cruciform or ‘X’ frame design. These could either be painted to a colour of choice or left sanded down and lacquered to give an industrial feel. As you can see from the above photos, the client went straight for the industrial option.

I think the combination of the organic, natural look of the live edge Oak top with the X frame steel base gives the whole commission a wonderful standout conversation piece for the clients home.

Here’s their kind email on delivery –

Hi James,

I had to send you a note to say that the table is here and it is truly stunning! Everything we wanted & more so thank you for producing such a beautiful table that will literally last us a lifetime! I’m very excited about Kevin seeing it later on as I know he’ll love it! The legs are also perfect.

I assume there is not much we need to do to care for it?

I was also going to ask you what you used to seal the surface as I’ve got an oak top in our apartment in St Ives that we need to sand & seal?

Many thanks again.







Handmade Refectory Table In A French Style

This project was for a traditionally handmade refectory table in a French style.

The client wanted a traditionally made dining table but in a lighter French farmhouse style.

The Commission for a Handmade Refectory Table

They had been looking for such a table for approximately 18 month’s, but couldn’t find anything that fitted their idea or dimensions. So after searching the web they found my site and made contact. I sent them some sketches of ideas and they were really taken with one of them which materialised into the table in the photos below. The tapered legs and lighter center stretchers that connect the legs, give the handmade table a gentler elegant look.

Handmade Refectory Table

Coupled with the beautiful character in the solid Oak top I think it makes for a lovely piece and was a pleasure to create. I hope you like it as much as they do.

Please feel free to view our new work in progress sister site by clicking this link


Handmade Oak Table

Refectory Table

Handmade Oak Table

French Style Dining Table

Refectory Table

Handmade Refectory Table

Bespoke Table

Bespoke Dining Table In Character Oak

Handmade Oak Table

Large Bespoke Dining Table

Handmade Refectory Table

Bespoke Refectory Table

Handmade Table

Bespoke Dining Table

Handmade Table

French Style Dining Table

Bespoke Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

The Live Edge Commission.

This latest client project is a commission for a live edge dining table in Walnut. Additionally the client required that the base should be fabricated from mild steel metal box frame with a 6th degree angle in towards the bottom of the frame and then given an anthracite painted finish that would complement the existing furniture.

The Timber

Construction for the solid timber table top is from two boards of lovely English Walnut. One edge of each Walnut board was sawn and square edged. Furthermore, the two outside boards were left with the live edge on (commonly known in the timber trade as waney edge). The soft outside bark was then removed untill the solid sap line was exposed.

These outside board edges were then sanded to give a smooth surface. The two boards were then glued together and book-mark jointed to give the appearance of being one solid table top piece.

The Finish

Client’s hopes were for the most natural finish possible, allowing the beauty and character of the Walnut grain to shine through without being too ‘glossy’. This coupled with being of a robust nature was achieved by firstly hand sanding the table top with increasing grades of sand paper, finishing at 340 grade. The table top was then sealed with two coats of a ‘hard wax oil’, buffed to give a slight sheen.


The client’s main requirement is for the bespoke Walnut dining table to fit and enhance their living space. The dining table is required to seat 6 people comfortably and 8 friendly. 1.8m x 900mm – 1m x 38mm thick are the table dimension. The client is very happy with their commission and it fits the space perfectly. Now we just have to start working on the chairs! Also check out our fledgeling sister site here

Live edge table

Bespoke live edge dining table

Live Edge Dining

Waney Edge Table

Live Edge Table

Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

Live Edge Table

Live Edge Walnut Table

Large Bespoke Slab Dining Table

Hi All, here’s the latest Large Elm Slab Dining Table commission. This beautiful live edge Elm dining table was commissioned for a client’s new home in the Cotswold’s. The house is surrounded by a stunning woodland which has a number of ancient Elm trees that can be seen from the main living quarters.  There is also a lake near the house which adds a unique reflective light element. Here we see the client’s choice of Elm fits perfectly into the natural environment.

Table Dimensions

Dimensions of this large bespoke live edge slab dining table are 3m x 900mm +/_ 50mm x 50mm thick top. The top has been finished with a natural matt hard wax oil. The metal base provides a perfectly contrasting stage upon which to showcase the natural character and grain patterns of the elm. The base is box frame mild steel at 80mm x 40mm and can be painted to client requirements or left as an industrial contrast to the beautiful timber. The client in this case preferred a tapered base to give an illusion of the table ascending as the tree does from it’s roots


Live Edge Slab Dining Table

Elm Slab Dining Table

Slab Dining Table

Elm Slab Table

Live Edge slab Dining Table

Live Edge Elm Table

Elm Slab dining Table

Live Edge Table

Slab Dining Table

Live Edge Dining Table

Live Edge Slab Dining Table

Live Edge Dining Table






Handmade Extending Oak Table

Handcrafted extending oak table

Handmade Extending Oak Table

Handmade Oak Extending Table

Extending Oak Dining Table

Large Oak Dining Table

Large Oak Extending Dining TableHi All

The latest commission is this handmade extending Oak table. The main table dimensions are 2.4m x 1.15m to seat 8 comfortably. Then with 2 removable leafs, extending to 3.3m to seat 12.

Timber used is 1st grade solid character Oak with a 40mm thick top.

Large Oak Dining Table & Chairs

Hello everyone – let me fill you in on the latest Quercus Furniture news.  Autumn is here and people are starting to think about the perfect table to have their friends and family sitting around this Christmas.  Have a look at my range of beautiful oak refectory and contemporary tables and give me a call if you would like to discuss what I could make for you.

So after the beautiful contemporary English Elm slab table and the wonderful Arts & Crafts table commissions, the latest project is a traditional large handmade Oak refectory dining table and 12 chairs.

Bespoke Oak Refectory Table

Large Oak Dining Table

Large Bespoke Handmade Dining Table (1024x768) Large Handmade Oak Refectory Table (1024x768) Made To Order Dining Table (1024x768)





The commission was for a 12 seater (14 when required) traditional style Oak refectory dining table in solid Oak with plenty of character. The ‘frame’ chairs to be made in English Ash with an Oak back splat to complement the main table.  The handmade dining table is in the refectory style and is in solid character Oak.

Table dimensions are 3.6m long x 1.2m wide and 76cm high.


My Latest Flame

Apologies, but it appears the website is having a few image problems! Everything still works, you just have to click on the titles. I’ll get the expert Neven on the case after the Bank Hols.

However, this is my latest creation – a magnificent one piece slab of flamed English Elm. Dimensions 3m x 1.1m x 50mm thick. The table was commissioned to sit in a new contemporary style kitchen/dinner extension.

The organic Elm slab is coupled with an industrial style metal base, in the raw with weld marks showing but coated with a matt lacquer to prevent rusting.

The whole installation works pretty well in my humble opinion. You could ‘like’ if you agree.

P1000828 (768x1024) P1000827 (768x1024) P1000826 (1024x768) P1000825 (1024x768) P1000824 (1024x768) P1000823 (1024x768) P1000822 (1024x768)

Handmade Slab Table

Handmade Slab Table

Large Oak Dining Table

Large Oak dining table to a new design. The client requested a 3m 10 seater Oak dining table, without the traditional 4 leg at each corner design. To be relatively contemporary but constructed using traditional methods with clean timber and clean lines. I based the design on my appreciation and nod to the Arts & Crafts pieces that I have worked on/restored over time.

The client and myself are very pleased with the end result as it fulfills their vision and fits perfectly into the space that is now it’s home.

Just need to work on the chairs next!

A new design large Oak dining table.

A new design large Oak dining table.

Large Oak dining table

A large Oak dining table to a new design.

Large Oak dining table

A large Oak dining table to a new design

Large Oak dining table

A large Oak dining table to a new design

Large Oak dining table.

Large Oak dining table to new design.


Large Pippy Oak Dining Table and Chairs

Here we have the large pippy Oak dining table and chairs made for clients in Cambridge.

They required an 8 seater table for every day use but with the option of extending the table to seat 12 when needed. They also wanted to be able to store the extension leaves separately and not to be intrinsic to the table that would otherwise interfere with the look of the table.Large Oak Dining Table Large Pippy Oak Dining Table Large Oak Dining Table and Chairs Large Dining Table Large Dining Table 2 Large Pippy Oak Dining Table and Chairs