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Oak Slab Dining Table

Waney Edge Dining Table

Live Edge In Situ

Waney Edge Table

Live Edge In Situ 1

Oak Slab

Live Edge Dining 2

Oak slab table

Live Edge Dining 3

Waney oak slab

With Metal Base

Single slab Oak table

Industrial X Base

Character Oak

Waney Edge Oak Slab

Single Waney Edge Oak Slab Dining Table

Just Sanded Look

Waney Edge Oak Slab

Natural Finish

Bespoke Furniture 1

X Frame Metal Base

Beautiful oak slab dining table

Beautiful Oak S

The Top

A live edge Oak slab dining table was the request.

The client was specific in that the table should retain the natural raw beauty of the species Quercus Robur. With lots of character, knots and splits.

The Base

A lot of discussions went into the final design, look and feel of the base. Originally a simple style four leg wooden base was preferred.

However, after a few mockups and trials, none of the timber base ideas really stood out enough to highlight the nature of the character top and make a solid statement.

I’m fortunate to have some engineers, steel fabricators on site. So we sat down and some ideas together which I could present to the client. These included – square frame metal base, ‘A’ frame style, ‘T’ frame style and cruciform or ‘X’ frame design. These could either be painted to a colour of choice or left sanded down and lacquered to give an industrial feel. As you can see from the above photos, the client went straight for the industrial option.

I think the combination of the organic, natural look of the live edge Oak top with the X frame steel base gives the whole commission a wonderful standout conversation piece for the clients home.

Here’s their kind email on delivery –

Hi James,

I had to send you a note to say that the table is here and it is truly stunning! Everything we wanted & more so thank you for producing such a beautiful table that will literally last us a lifetime! I’m very excited about Kevin seeing it later on as I know he’ll love it! The legs are also perfect.

I assume there is not much we need to do to care for it?

I was also going to ask you what you used to seal the surface as I’ve got an oak top in our apartment in St Ives that we need to sand & seal?

Many thanks again.







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