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Bespoke Handmade Tables Commissioned in Reclaimed Elm

A chap called me up to see if I was interested in some ‘old’ Elm boards. He told me the story of how they had been in his Father’s barn since he was knee high and had come from an old flour mill 200 hundred years old. The chap was now 87! He was still a sharp old chisel when it came to the price though.  However, I managed to make four bespoke handmade tables, of which this is one. It’s new home is Keston in Kent.

Egton Hall 12 Seater Traditional handmade tables Oak Refectory Table And 12 Cabriole Chairs

As with most of my handmade tables, this 12ft refectory dining table was an absolute joy to work on. From the delightful and appreciative clients to the fantastic timber I was able to source, every part of the commission just felt so right……..the handmade Oak refectory table now has a wonderful home in Yorkshire.


Not the best of pictures but to show you that it is here safe and sound.. When the curtains go up I will take some more and send them… I am so delighted with it, it is the most perfect color and the chairs are wonderful… Thank you James….Let me know if you want me to write something for your ‘ delighted customer’ page…. Julia

Over-Hall Bespoke Oak Refectory Dining Table & Chairs

This commission for a large Bespoke  Oak Refectory style Dining Table complete with chairs.  Made in character Oak with ‘turned legs’ and rush seated Ash chairs to match. The worked top gives the table a lovely tactile feel which only usually come with decades of use. The oak refectory dining table and chairs now have a happy home in Lancashire.