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Bespoke Handmade Table in Solid Oak with Bulbous Legs

Apologies I’ve been away for a while what with the busy workload and other stuff that’s been really great. However to the update for my clients bespoke handmade table in solid oak with intricate bulbous legs. All has gone very well if a bit nervy with the leg shape cutting on the band-saw!! All leg ‘plant’ timber was planed and glued up straight away to avoid any movement which would have created weakness in the section. Once dry the leg was marked out to the desired shape on all 4 sides the the band-sawing began. As each side was sawn to shape the off cut was pinned back on so the leg could be rotated, the same for each side until all four sides were finished. Off cuts were then knocked off and the sanding process began. The bulbous legs were then mortise and tennoned into the top and bottom bearers which in turn were fixed to the centre stretcher and the top side rails to complete the oak. See photos.

Handmade table base

Handmade Table, Bakers Traditional Oak Refectory Style With Tudor Chairs

By definition, handmade tables come in all shapes, styles and sizes. This handmade dining table and Tudor chairs was part of a much larger commission which included coffee tables, side tables, dressers, cabinets and a handmade chess table. For the refectory table the client wanted to evoke a medieval feel, where you could picture fat monks and serving wenches delivering foaming tankards of ale…………….get the picture?!

Egton Hall 12 Seater Traditional handmade tables Oak Refectory Table And 12 Cabriole Chairs

As with most of my handmade tables, this 12ft refectory dining table was an absolute joy to work on. From the delightful and appreciative clients to the fantastic timber I was able to source, every part of the commission just felt so right……..the handmade Oak refectory table now has a wonderful home in Yorkshire.


Not the best of pictures but to show you that it is here safe and sound.. When the curtains go up I will take some more and send them… I am so delighted with it, it is the most perfect color and the chairs are wonderful… Thank you James….Let me know if you want me to write something for your ‘ delighted customer’ page…. Julia