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Bespoke Handmade Live Edge Oak Dining Table

Live Edge Oak Table with Metal Base

Bespoke Handmade Live Edge Oak Dining Table

Large Live Edge Dining Table

Butterfly Jointed Oak Top

Pippy Oak Live Edge Table

Handmade Live Edge Dining Table Metal Base

Natural Edge Oak Dining Table

3 Board Pippy Oak Dining Table







Here is a recent commission for a bespoke handmade live edge Oak dining table. The table was designed with a contemporary slate grey metal base to compliment the organic 3 board ‘pippy Oak’ top. A further decorative detail is the ‘butterfly jointing’ in the top surface to stabilise a split in the central Oak board.

The pippy Oak top exhibits plenty of ‘character’ with a wonderful grain pattern running through. The 2 outer boards were from the same plank, cut in half length-ways and then a central board spliced in to bring the whole dining table top out to the desired width. The table dimensions are 2.5m length x 950mm width x 770mm height with a 40mm thick pippy Oak top.

Handmade Extending Oak Table

Handcrafted extending oak table

Handmade Extending Oak Table

Handmade Oak Extending Table

Extending Oak Dining Table

Large Oak Dining Table

Large Oak Extending Dining TableHi All

The latest commission is this handmade extending Oak table. The main table dimensions are 2.4m x 1.15m to seat 8 comfortably. Then with 2 removable leafs, extending to 3.3m to seat 12.

Timber used is 1st grade solid character Oak with a 40mm thick top.

Large Oak Dining Table & Chairs

Hello everyone – let me fill you in on the latest Quercus Furniture news.  Autumn is here and people are starting to think about the perfect table to have their friends and family sitting around this Christmas.  Have a look at my range of beautiful oak refectory and contemporary tables and give me a call if you would like to discuss what I could make for you.

So after the beautiful contemporary English Elm slab table and the wonderful Arts & Crafts table commissions, the latest project is a traditional large handmade Oak refectory dining table and 12 chairs.

Bespoke Oak Refectory Table

Large Oak Dining Table

Large Bespoke Handmade Dining Table (1024x768) Large Handmade Oak Refectory Table (1024x768) Made To Order Dining Table (1024x768)





The commission was for a 12 seater (14 when required) traditional style Oak refectory dining table in solid Oak with plenty of character. The ‘frame’ chairs to be made in English Ash with an Oak back splat to complement the main table.  The handmade dining table is in the refectory style and is in solid character Oak.

Table dimensions are 3.6m long x 1.2m wide and 76cm high.


Tanyard Large Oak Dining Table

Large Oak dining table to a new design. The client requested a 3m 10 seater Oak dining table, without the traditional 4 leg at each corner design. To be relatively contemporary but constructed using traditional methods with clean timber and clean lines. I based the design on my appreciation and nod to the Arts & Crafts pieces that I have worked on/restored over time.

The client and myself are very pleased with the end result as it fulfills their vision and fits perfectly into the space that is now it’s home.

Just need to work on the chairs next!

A new design large Oak dining table.

A new design large Oak dining table.

Large Oak dining table

A large Oak dining table to a new design.

Large Oak dining table

A large Oak dining table to a new design

Large Oak dining table

A large Oak dining table to a new design

Large Oak dining table.

Handmade large Oak dining table to a new design.

Bespoke Handmade Table in Pippy Oak

In this recent blog, I’m going to take you through some of the processes required to create a beautiful bespoke handmade extending refectory style table in pippy Oak. Here at Quercus Furniture it is our aim to use only the finest materials. The chosen timbers are sourced and selected personally to ensure quality and that they match, as close as possible, the client requirements and vision.

The clients had fallen in love with some images of pippy Oak tables on my website and required the handmade table to be extending and in  a refectory table style. After a few phone calls to my local sawyers and saw mills and a couple of visits I was delighted to discover some beautiful pippy Oak boards that are going to be perfect for the commission.

After being in the kiln for a couple of weeks to bring the moisture content down to a workable 10 – 12 percent, the boards for the bespoke handmade table in pippy Oak commission were delivered to my workshop to begin the project.

First job is to size the boards using the good old chalk line and skill saw (Oh for a table saw).

Photo’s are coming but I’m having a glitch uploading them at the moment!!

Ok, so I’ve managed to post some photos of the pippy Oak boards in their raw state. (somehow they’ve ended up at the top of the blog!! I’ll take another lesson….).

At first glance they made not look like much, but I’ll stick my neck out and say they will turn in to thing of beauty. The bespoke handmade table in pippy Oak project begins.

Pippy Oak Boards1

Pippy Oaks Boards

Pippy Oak board

Chalking out pippy boards

Pippy Oak

Chalk line

The big board

Bespoke handmade table.

The big cut

The first cut is the

Oak Boards

Bespoke Handmade Table

Bespoke Handmade Table in Solid Oak with Bulbous Leg

Bespoke handmade table with intricate bulbous legs is a request from a client that I have been working with for some time now. The original remit for a made to order table was to be in the traditional handmade refectory table style  i.e. four corner legs and a connecting centre stretcher in solid character oak.  However, after a shopping trip to find soft furnishings for their beautiful new home the clients spotted a table  with a base that they both really liked (see photo).  The problems were that it wasn’t handmade in oak and not to the desired size.  So they took a photo of the table, sent it to us at http://www.quercus-furniture.co.uk/ to see if it was possible to style a handmade table similar to the design but in-keeping  with their requirements of dimensions and in solid oak.

As a table maker this request is quite common and serves as a useful tool in understanding client design preferences.So the cutting list has been made and the timber sourced and ordered – so watch this space as the commission progresses.

Handmade Table with Bulbous Leg

Langford Fivehead 14 Seater Bespoke Oak Refectory Handmade Dining Table

We made this beautiful 16 seater bespoke  oak refectory handmade dining table for Peter and Orlando at Langford Fivehead in the heart of Somerset. They also ordered 16 matching pippy oak splat frame chairs and a side table that converts to a serving table.

Checkout their website www.langfordfivehead.co

Bespoke Dance Pippy Oak Refectory Dining Table

This handmade 8 seater (2.4m long x 1m wide) dining table has a pippy oak top and base which is contrasted by a fairly contemporary look in the straight lines of the legs and stretchers. Add the softness of the curved back chairs and the feel of the room is perfectly balanced.

Handmade Table, Bakers Traditional Oak Refectory Style With Tudor Chairs

By definition, handmade tables come in all shapes, styles and sizes. This handmade dining table and Tudor chairs was part of a much larger commission which included coffee tables, side tables, dressers, cabinets and a handmade chess table. For the refectory table the client wanted to evoke a medieval feel, where you could picture fat monks and serving wenches delivering foaming tankards of ale…………….get the picture?!

Fulham Handmade Oak Extending Refectory Table

The design and commissioning of this extending oak dining table was an intense and great fun collaboration between myself and the London based client. Emphasis placed mainly on detail and otherness!

Client comment:

Dear James,

I was going through my photos yesterday and realised that I never sent you the photos of our beautiful table – that we completely LOVE !! the photos are quite big – if you cant open them, let me know and I’ll e mail them again.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas,

I’ll e mail you separately our card…something new…