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Langford Fivehead 14 Seater Bespoke Oak Refectory Handmade Dining Table

We made this beautiful 16 seater bespoke  oak refectory handmade dining table for Peter and Orlando at Langford Fivehead in the heart of Somerset. They also ordered 16 matching pippy oak splat frame chairs and a side table that converts to a serving table.

Checkout their website www.langfordfivehead.co

Bespoke Dance Pippy Oak Refectory Dining Table

This handmade 8 seater (2.4m long x 1m wide) dining table has a pippy oak top and base which is contrasted by a fairly contemporary look in the straight lines of the legs and stretchers. Add the softness of the curved back chairs and the feel of the room is perfectly balanced.

Bespoke Handmade Tables Commissioned in Reclaimed Elm

A chap called me up to see if I was interested in some ‘old’ Elm boards. He told me the story of how they had been in his Father’s barn since he was knee high and had come from an old flour mill 200 hundred years old. The chap was now 87! He was still a sharp old chisel when it came to the price though.  However, I managed to make four bespoke handmade tables, of which this is one. It’s new home is Keston in Kent.

Bespoke Handmade Kitchen Table in Reclaimed Elm With Oak Base

This handmade  kitchen table was part of a commission including side and lamp tables. The top is in reclaimed character elm with a natural finish to highlight the beautiful grain and an oak base. We think it works pretty well. The fantastic table pictures were taken by Celia www.straingephotography.co.uk

Client comment –

Dear James
I just wanted to say thank you very much for the beautiful side tables you made for me.  Your help and advice in making sure that they fitted into the room so well, both in size and looks was invaluable, and the compliments they have received prove that your craftsmanship is second to none.
Once again, thank you.

Handmade Table, Bakers Traditional Oak Refectory Style With Tudor Chairs

By definition, handmade tables come in all shapes, styles and sizes. This handmade dining table and Tudor chairs was part of a much larger commission which included coffee tables, side tables, dressers, cabinets and a handmade chess table. For the refectory table the client wanted to evoke a medieval feel, where you could picture fat monks and serving wenches delivering foaming tankards of ale…………….get the picture?!

Fulham Handmade Oak Extending Refectory Table

The design and commissioning of this extending oak dining table was an intense and great fun collaboration between myself and the London based client. Emphasis placed mainly on detail and otherness!

Client comment:

Dear James,

I was going through my photos yesterday and realised that I never sent you the photos of our beautiful table – that we completely LOVE !! the photos are quite big – if you cant open them, let me know and I’ll e mail them again.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas,

I’ll e mail you separately our card…something new…


Egton Hall 12 Seater Traditional handmade tables Oak Refectory Table And 12 Cabriole Chairs

As with most of my handmade tables, this 12ft refectory dining table was an absolute joy to work on. From the delightful and appreciative clients to the fantastic timber I was able to source, every part of the commission just felt so right……..the handmade Oak refectory table now has a wonderful home in Yorkshire.


Not the best of pictures but to show you that it is here safe and sound.. When the curtains go up I will take some more and send them… I am so delighted with it, it is the most perfect color and the chairs are wonderful… Thank you James….Let me know if you want me to write something for your ‘ delighted customer’ page…. Julia

French Farmhouse Refectory Table

I really enjoyed the commission for this handmade refectory table in solid character Oak  with Ash frame chairs  and ‘pippy oak’ back. – Liaising with the client without actually meeting them is something  I do quite a lot  and seem to have a clear  insight into their specific needs.  Building up a picture of the individual requirements and then producing work that  receives the response below is always tremendously heartening. The commission now resides in France

Dear James,

I am always willing to give you a testimonial if you wish at some time in
the future.

Bearing in mind we have never met, been to the workshop or inspected any of
your work other than the website, I can only say that your interpretation of
what we were seeking was “spot on”. We absolutely adore the table and
chairs and so do all the people, French and English alike, who come to have
a meal with us at the house. Without fail they all compliment on the
quality and most of all, how comfortable the chairs are, even after a 4 hour
I am attaching some pictures for you and hope they will be of assistance.
I have some other projects in mind for you James when time and funds permit.




Over-Hall Bespoke Oak Refectory Dining Table & Chairs

This commission for a large Bespoke  Oak Refectory style Dining Table complete with chairs.  Made in character Oak with ‘turned legs’ and rush seated Ash chairs to match. The worked top gives the table a lovely tactile feel which only usually come with decades of use. The oak refectory dining table and chairs now have a happy home in Lancashire.

Contemporary Oak Refectory Table

This table was a commission from Helen at http://www.house2home.co.uk/. The request was for a bespoke traditionally handmade solid oak refectory table, but with an up to date contemporary look. The top needed to be 3 boards wide at 1m with a central ‘show’ board at 5ocm wide! West & Sons of Petworth came up trumps and the table now frequents a London Mews House.