The bespoke handmade table in solid oak turned out to be a thing of beauty this handmade oak table. The clients were very happy with the colour/stain and the hand applied oil/wax finish. The hand crafted finish has been a process achieved and honed after many years of experimentation with different products, whether bought off the shelf or workshop made by age old tried and trusted recipes. The finishes that I have chosen from these experiments and research now form the two options that I now think my clients value. Both are environmentally and ethically sound. They are both natural mixes of plant oil and natural waxes that are micro-porous and highly resilient to every day living.

Bespoke dining table with bulbous leg base

Handmade table

Bespoke Dining Table in Oak

Handmade to order oak tables

Handmade Oak Table

made to order bespoke oak dining table