Bespoke Handmade Dining Table in Reclaimed Elm

A chap called me up to see if I was interested in some ‘old’ Elm boards. He told me the story of how they had been in his Father’s barn since he was knee high and had come from an old flour mill 200 hundred years old. The chap was now 87! He was still a sharp old chisel when it came to the price though. However, I managed to make four bespoke handmade tables, of which this is one. It’s new home is Keston in Kent.

The 8 seat handmade dining table had to be 2.1m x 900mm in dimension to fit the space available. Rustic in style with over-size 150mm square legs from old reclaimed Oak. Jacobean light-fast stain with a hard wax oil finish. The top has been distressed with the use of an adze and inshave then sanded to give a tactile worn look and feel.