Bespoke Handmade Reclaimed Oak Refectory Table

This is a lovely example of a small Bespoke Handmade Reclaimed Oak Refectory Table for a Sussex client. The reclaimed timber is approx 250 years old. I was told it came from an old French Châteaux. The depth of colour is absolutely fantastic and was a perfect fit for the period cottage.

The marks on the Reclaimed Oak Refectory Table top are from the pit saw blade. Pit saws where used to plank tree logs before the days of mechanisation. So pre 1830. The chap on the top was called “Top dog” and the poor chap underneath called – you guessed it – “Underdog”!!

We left the reclaimed Oak boards on the refectory table exactly as they where when the Oak tree was first planked 250 years ago.