Hi All, welcome to my handmade table with pippy oak top and reclaimed oak base. The trestle style dining table base took quite an effort for my humble bandsaw to slice through, but hey, we needed a new blade anyway. The dining table base slabs are 100mm thick and held together by 2 top rails and 1 centre stretcher with knock through wedges. I’ve attached some images of the dining table base, along with the rough pippy oak timber I’m going to use for the handmade table top. The handmade table top is going to be jointed using the ‘loose tongue’ technique described in my earlier blogs.

The table top ends are going to be cleated or what is also known as ‘breadboard end’. This is basically a mortise and tenon joint. Usually only the central section is glued, with the whole piece being held together mechanically with the use of screws  in slotted holes to allow for seasonal movement. More discussion on this subject at a later date. I’m also very happy to receive comments on all kinds of jointing techniques from any one out there.  I’ll get some more pictures up once the bespoke table is together. Let me know what you think.