Waney Edge Tables or Live Edge Tables are where a table edges are left in their natural form and shape; rather than cutting the edge straight.

It can be very difficult source the right wood that can been used for such a table top.

Here are a few examples of Waney Edge Tables we have been commissioned to make by our clients

Example of a Waney Edge Table

Live Waney Edge Slab Table Up Close
The image below shows a table with the natural edge of the tree trunk left in place. The knot is where a tree branch used to be. This is known as a Waney Edge or Live Edge

Waney Edge Table made from a single slab of Pippy Oak

When we found this slab in one of our suppliers yards, we just had to buy it as it was perfect for making a Waney Edge Table. The table top has no joins, the whole table top is made from a single piece of wood.

Waney Edge Table – Pippy Oak Single Slab Table With Metal Base

Here is the Pippy Oak plank when we started work on it. The Waney Edge Oak table dimensions are 2.95m long x 850mm to 900mm width x 50mm thick.

We recently sold the table to a client who chose to mount the table top on a metal base. This table is truly unique.

Bespoke Handmade Live Waney Edge Slab Table Top in the workshop

Waney Edge Table made from a single plank of Elm

This Waney Edge Elm table was commissioned several years ago. It is made from a magnificent slab of flamed English Elm.

The natural grain of Elm gives a stunning depth of colour; hence the name “Flamed English Elm”. You can also see where a large branch used to be.

English Elm Waney Edge Dining Table

English Elm Waney Edge Dining Table

Waney Edge Dining Table made from 3 boards of Oak

This Waney Edge Table is made from 3 boards from the same Oak Tree. We kept the waney edges from each side of the slab. By splitting the slab into 3 pieces, we were able to make a table to the exact width the client required.

You can also see that this table has a fairly straight waney edge. It really depends what the clients requirements are. We can source wood from various suppliers and can choose a slab that is suited to individual requirements.

You can checkout some of our bespoke handmade waney edge tables tables.